Bic Sup Air Construction

Bic Sup Air inflatable stand up paddleboards are fabricated using dropstitch fabric made with a double layer of reinforced PVC coated fabric. The dropstitch fabric along with the 6″ standard thickness for all SUP Air stand up paddleboards means you can inflate Bic boards to high pressures.


  1. Outer PVC layer adds durability and stiffness.
  2. Inner PVC layer adds definition to the shape and rocker.
  3. Polyester dropstitch fabric with pvc base layer.
  4. 4mm EVA foam traction pad.

About Bic Sport

Bic Sport has been a market leader in the windsurf and boardsport industry for over 20 years. Most recently they have focused their experience and know how on the stand up paddleboard market.

Bic and the Environment

ecoride_Logo_220pxEnvironmental factors have played a roll in the design and manufacturing of Bic Sport products long before there was broad awareness of environmental issues. Bic sports strives to reduce the impact of their manufacturing by optimizing the use of raw material, energy and water. The manufacturing plant is in France therefore all products are made following European norms for environmental
impact and worker conditions. Bic is proud to have received ecoride certification; this recognizes Bic’s commitment to the planet and highlights their implementation of an environmental management system across the entire company.Ecoride is a tool which provides the ability to measure and determine environmental efforts of companies within the boardsports industry. BIC Sport got this recognition thanks to its implementation of an environmental management systemfor the entire company.

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